20160129 Sukira CAPS

This was the special episode where Ryeowook became the guest on the second hour while TEUK DJ became the special DJ.

(I don’t have more than this because i didn’t stream till the end. ㅠ.ㅠ *blamethed*amninetconnection)


Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-51-29 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-51-05 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-50-48 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-50-31 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-50-23 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-50-14 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-50-05 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-46-10 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-39-42 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-38-09 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-37-56 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-35-56 Screenshot_2016-01-29-20-35-50

CREDIT = wenteuk


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